The healing I have been guided to assist with is a combination of body work and multidimensional healing. Some sessions are in studio focusing on touch therapy with multidimensional frequency adjustments and some are remote creating the shift you need regardless of physical touch.

When our body is in pain, it's thought that we have ignored subtle energetic "cues" to shift a pattern or thought process within our spiritual construct. In order to make change in the body, we must first make a change with our higher selves. When we are in distress, tired, overworked, in pain, etc., it creates dis-ease in our body-mind-spirit complex.

This complex is the construct of or multidimensional bodies.

We all resonate at different frequencies. I am able to sense these frequencies, and help to balance the subtle energies, so that they may vibrate into your multi-dimensional bodies, creating longer lasting change. This change over time, will shift your entire energy system, helping to create pattern changes in your mental, emotional and spiritual layers, assisting to alleviate the pain and discomfort in your physical body.

Each session works deeply with the physical , mental, emotional, and spiritual connection. Working together to balance and shift energies that are out of alignment causing dis-ease in the body-mind-spirit complex takes time and patience, this means you will likely need re occurring sessions until you get the hang of healing yourself. I am always here should you need advice or additional session work should you hit a plateau or need a jump to the nest level of healing and integration.

I have been aware of my multidimensional self since I was a very young. This means I have honed in my communication and HSP (high sensory perception) abilities. It’s through the cellular telepathy that is part of my genetic makeup, I am able to hold space and be of service to your healing needs. Often Past Life Integration, Soul Retrieval, and Etheric Surgery are part of this process.

It is with sincere gratitude that I have been able to officially offer theAvatar of Ascension (AoA) HGS session work. A comprehensive intelligent energy that works directly with emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, DNA, and Lightbody systems. These energies were anchored into our planet in August 2012. This living template was made newly available by the benevolent interdimensional Guardian Alliance through the very dedicated Lisa Renee, Emissary for the Guardian Groups and Planetary Ascension Guide.*

We have had a call for transformation within planetary and human consciousness during what is widely becoming known as the Ascension Cycle. The method of healing you will experience is likely unlike any healing modality you have experienced. It challenges the traditional belief systems, religions, science and other spiritual and esoteric perceptions. It is my intention to guide all who are Awakening to the truth of human history and open up the abilities and tools we innately have to heal from within.

* Lisa Renee is not a channel but receives all information from Light Sources through direct knowing and experience.

DISCLAIMER: The information provided by Metta Healing Studio on the Art of Metta website, I Am Chastity Ann website,  Awaken Change website/classes, FB, IG and Twitter are for general purposes only. All the information on these sites are presented as personal opinion and does not mean to be medical advice nor in anyway be an endorsement of the treatments or items listed herein.

Always consult a physician for all medical advice This document can contain errors omissions and should not take the place of licensed medical care.

Multi-Dimensional Healing AoA/HGS 30 Minutes

This is an excellent session for a mini reading and resets your multidimensional protection shield. a mini reading opens the light channels to directly connect to one particular topic with a laser focus on grounding into your body and Mother Earth.


Multi-Dimensional Healing AoA/HGS 60 Minutes

I am honored and grateful to officially offer the Avatar of Ascension (AoA), and Hieros Gamos System sessions. This system works directly with your emotional, mental, physical, spiritual bodies, DNA, and Lightbody creating a sacred union between your perceived human self and spiritual self. The HGS is a system that works directly with the 12-dimensional blueprint and going beyond the traditional 7 chakra system many other healing modalities are based on. This allows for deep levels of transformation.


Multi-Dimensional Healing AoA/HGS 75 Minutes

Working Directly with your Blueprint, this is an excellent session to fortify your 12D shield and create ease where there is anxiety. Bringing the focus back to zero point. The zero point is the infinite energy supply of our God Creator that is contained in all living things. We get to dive a little deeper into healing and building the light body.


Multi-Dimensional Healing AoA/HGS 90 Minutes

A 90-minute session creates time to go deeper into the multidimensional layers or dive deeper into a specific theme or issue that has been prominent in one's life. For example, this is excellent for healing sexual trauma and abuse/SRA, MILAB/SSP survivors, remove alien implants, etc. Of course, these topics are sensitive and change is created over time. Be prepared to rest after this session, allowing for more time to process sensitive topics and trauma memories.


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Meditation is designed for us to connect with self. Here are some fun easy ideas:


GO FOR A WALK: Getting out for fresh air can change a hard day to a breath of fresh air.

READ A BOOK: Taking your mind into another place can be as simple as your favorite story.

JOURNAL: Keeping a journal of your thoughts for the day allows reflection and often gives perspective to our actions. Allow the pages to become your best friend and spill the beans!

TAKE A BATH: Allow the water to hold your emotion. When you feel your worries are floating all around, pull the plug and envision your worries washing down the drain. Follow up with a shower blast to get any residual worry off of you.

FINALLY: Spend some time learning how to use the 12D shield to connect your multidimensional body.

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