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Divine Architecture

We have been in spiritual warfare for centuries and have been experiencing the most intense attacks as we move through the end of a cycle. The biological poisons released for voluntary consumption have created a medical phenomenon we are still discovering. The divine architecture design was presented to be built through Dreamtime communications with Divine Source and our friends Sasquatch. The design is specifically created for the unjabbed. If you have a heart or kidney disease, please email me as one of the energetic herbs may need to be switched out.


  • Protection against spike proteins
  • Blood clearing
  • Disconnection from Wesa
  • Clearing and future protection from Red Wave technology 

The above mentioned is only a glimpse of the performance of the architecture. This is not a medical diagnosis, always consult your doctor for medical concerns.

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What People Are Saying:

"This has helped me beyond words, thank you"

Holly Seidel

"I work around children who are mostly jabbed, and I am super sensitive to spike proteins. I've noticed such a huge energy boost and overall well-being since receiving the architecture."

Alexandra Rose

"The energies coming in are awe-inspiring and deeply transformative, I cannot put my experience into words."

Dr. Stefanie Bennett

$177.00 USD

Twice monthly we gather to talk about psychic protection, current events, planetary shifts, and healing through meditations. Our community is an extension of grace and unity without judgment on another's spiritual journey. As a member, you will receive a discount on 1:1 sessions and workshops. You will immediately have access to all sessions and meditations from 2021.

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