My Secret


Life is different when we are young isn't it?

I wondered if everyone was like me but quickly realized that either they weren't like me, or they too held a secret.

My secret is…

I grew up seeing Ghosts, Spirits, Angels, and believing in Fairies. I can see, hear and feel people's energy fields. I didn’t share my secret with many people. Of course my mom knew and although she was Catholic, she too had many of the same gifts. My mom didn't in so many words ask that I not mention my abilities to other people, but she didn't encourage sharing them either. It was however a little weird to talk about the unseen. Regardless, I was blessed that my mother held space for me to explore my spirituality and embrace my gifts.

My dreams were all I had as a child. The Angels and Guides my only friends. For years I was energetically trying to figure out who the good guys were. As I got older, I shared my belief system and my vision with my closest friends. I never wanted to be strange or weird and thankfully, my friends humored my beliefs which created a sense of security for me. Although as time moved along it seemed I was moving further from my truth.

My path eluded me.

Life as a young mother with some college education didn't seem to take me very far. I struggled with relationships both romantically and personally leaving a piece of myself behind every step I took. I was tired, the visions were gone, I felt alone and I was loosing my voice along the way.

Nine years ago I was led to a Reiki Practitioner. I didn't know what Reiki was, but I knew what energy was and I was assured she worked with energy. I saw her once a week for nine months. Now that I am writing this, I am seeing a pattern of nines. 9 years, 9 months and, I am scribing this in the 9th month. 9 is my favorite number.

Hmmm... synchronicity in full swing!

Anyhow, the Reiki sessions helped me piece myself together from mental turmoil, emotional disconnect, and finally helped me relocate my energetic sovereignty. The light she held for me changed my life forever.

I remembered a dream I had.

Since I could feel peoples pain, I wanted to teach them how to heal themselves. I thought by working in the allied health field I could cover up my intuitive secrets while still helping Beings heal. My secret was safe! Only now the calling got LOUDER and more difficult to ignore (callings are funny that way). I was led to an amazing woman who certified me as a Reiki Master Teacher. I practiced for a few years and then journeyed with her for two more years in her Advanced Intuition Healing Classes.

I held some doubt when it was time to venture on my own.

I believed I would never be able to teach as well as I had been taught. Then I remembered something an old client said to me. He is a successful writer and once held the same doubts of himself. He said, " Let me share with you what one of my students shared with me; You never know if something you write will come across in a way that the person reading has never understood it before". What? YES! He was right. How many times had I taken a class or read a book with the same material and finally, the last book I read or the next person I speak with says the exact same thing I have heard a million times and BAM, the light turns on..... FINALLY I get it. My teacher, (the healers healer I call her) was correct, we need more light workers on this planet, one cannot do it alone.

So it begins, I am honored to hold space for you. If you are searching for new ways to heal yourself, or you are wanting to heal others, I can help you by honoring your path. I am excited to guide you in seeking the gifts you always knew you had.

You have the key, you are the key, you just have to know which way to turn it.

Are you ready to Awaken Change within yourself?

Hello! My name is Chastity and I am a Healer. xoxo


Some of the things I love...

the sound of my children laughing, the smell of rain, the calming silence of snow fall, smooth-bold coffee first thing in the morning, European chocolate, smell of babies, watching others grow, the theatre, the mystery of cats, the simplicity of reading, sharpened pencils, down comforters and going to bed early.