You Are an Architect

Jan 20, 2020

You are an architect.

You design your reality everyday.

My shield and template updates and changes all the time. From within my expanded protection shield, I have discovered a truth I had only read about, time shifts. As in right in front of my eyes, things change! The structure around and within me changes, creating a new reality. When we work in alignment with Universal Laws, magick happens.

The Law of Structure is one I have been learning to work with on new levels all the time. It’s what we use when we set space, create protections, build a website, a group, a business. It’s used both in pre matter and matter. unmanifest to manifest. When we build something, it’s built on both the macrocosm and the microcosm levels... universally, planetary, avatar, monad, soul, nadis, cns, and physically all the way down to the foundation... your skeletal structure. Brings a whole new flavor to building a spiritual house for me.

Universal law of Structure and how to follow/use have been kept hidden from us. This is because of the power it creates within. We can use this for both good and bad, dark and light.

The controller groups know how to manipulate structures and by pass the law of consent. Why? Because we don’t know anything about it and if we do, it’s followed flippantly. I have attached a definition to quench your desire to learn about the importance of the law of structure. This is something we learn about within the classes I teach in Awaken Change. We work with structure heavily. Starting with dismantling the houses of ego and setting the stage for the houses of Christ or the Christos Sophia. Utilizing the 12D shield is an excellent beginning in familiarizing yourself with the Law of Structure.

Sending Love,


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