Thoughts in May

Jun 09, 2020

The past couple of days I have felt a sense of relief in the energy fields. Today I awake and also feel a relief. What this is like for me is the pressure on my head and eyes has lifted, the twisted pain in my upper intestine is calm.

If, like me, you feel strength from this relief, please send love to the planet and to each other. We will need it moving forward.

I have been working with people who have been under attacks. These attacks may seem like one is are crazy, seriously, mentally Ill. They see and hear voices, they feel physically attacked by things they can’t see, or sometimes can see which can be even more frightening. People all over the globe are waking up.

What does waking up mean?
To me it is that the reality or life as you know it will forever look different. We cannot stop the process in our body, mind and spirit. We can’t stop it because it’s happening organically regardless of how you feel about it.

What’s happening is our awareness is awakening, our DNA is coming back online and the true histories of humanity are being remembered.
The history of who we are, how amazing we truly are, that we are multidimensional-electromagnetic beings has been wiped from out consciousness. Among many other truths.

I hold different views about politics, and our world, and agendas. These aren’t views I recently have embraced, I have carried them my whole life. I see energy patterns and structures. This means I see clearly The intent behind words spoken, businesses created etc... The structures that we have lived in are being torn down and it is very very painful for most on this planet.
I have seen friends turn on each other because their views aren’t the same. It’s heartbreaking. We are dividing ourselves not even realizing we stand for the same outcome. I see people calling themselves witches and not understanding the true root of magick. Calling in demons to embody them, hexing people for doing “wrong” I have had people try to bind me and my energies for not following the rhetoric. You know the witches that were burned weren’t the ones hexing and binding. It was the ones using white magick. They aren’t even called witches it’s a made up word to carry a negative energy signature.

To be alive right now can be summed up with dating a narcissist. Imagine we are the planet and a few beings decide they want it and tell us they can help and take care and love this planet, love all of its people and then slowly over time we aren’t doing something right, he did it right she did it wrong, your black your white, ones good ones bad. Then there’s a reward system, then pretty soon your being beaten yet you keep trying. You get up because you are strong, then you’re beaten more, senseless, you don’t remember who you are or what you stand for. But you remember that you loved.... you don’t even know what love is now.

I am rambling the point is divided we fall together we stand.
Our planet is run by black magicians. It’s ok that we each see or feel something different. But it’s not human to NOT hold compassion regardless how others believe. When hate arises from a belief, the trail into darkness is eminent.

Fear is the enemy. Fear is what is harnessed to run anti-human programs and belief systems. Fear destroys the light body, our consciousness.
The awakening is causing massive fear. The first step is to recognize it. Clear it!

To damn another is only to damn yourself.

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