The Law of Structure

Aug 30, 2019

Written| 8.29.19

As I sit here adjusting and changing up the website, booking links, and descriptions of my services, the law of structure comes to the forefront of my multidimensional selves. 

These days I have been in meditation almost daily. My spiritual journey has been long, scary, and hard. But also rewarding and beautiful. Please ask me someday about my Dark Knight of the Soul. For those of you who do not know what the Dark Knight of the Soul is, here is a link that describes it.

Back to the daily meditations. I have been working to clear my own pain body and enhance my HSP (High Sensory Perception) skills to better help guide and hold space for your healing. 

This brings me to the topic of the Universal Law of Structure. Every structure we see and don’t see has an architecture to it, there is an energetic level (pre-matter) and a physical level (matter).

When we see skyscrapers, buildings, or homes we live in, we see the structures, but have you ever thought about the energetic structural piece? The structures that we do see and feel, such as our homes, have an energetic feel to them. Your home was built (likely) by someone other than you. Your furniture, pillows, blankets… all of it, came with architecture and created a structure that somebody else built around it. This is the “feeling” we often get when we are deciding on something feels “good” or “bad”. Intention goes into the architecture made, thus creating an energetic field, or structure (pre-matter) throughout what we see and touch (matter).

Are you with me so far?

Basically, this law of structure applies to ALL things from houses, businesses, websites, communities, and filters down into the human consciousness and internal structures. This is where the Houses of Ego reside and operate in one's body. The Internal Structures of Ego are what I help you work with to create healing within your body-mind-spirit complex. Thoughts are things (structures). Each time we speak poorly about ourselves we break down the original blueprint (structure) and create a new blueprint based on the new beliefs. This creates low self-worth, anxiety, confusion….. you see where we are going with this…

All Matter in the Universe is composed of layers of Vibrating Energy. This is also known as the Law of Vibration.

All Consciousness Energy Vibrates and manifests in accordance to a Higher Law or Principle governing the Structure or Body

The Geometric Form (blueprint + intention) determines the Energetic content and Vibration within the Structure or Body

The more perfect the Geometric Form (blueprint + intention) the more perfect the Energy Content and Vibration is harmonized

Consciousness Energy, Life Force, or Spirit is constantly moving and transforming. Energy cannot remain stagnant and must follow the Structure within the Form which creates change

Change is both essential and inevitable for Evolution which is a blueprint of Spirit inhabiting Form

When we apply this Universal Law to improve the energetic structures “living” inside our own physical form or improve other types of structures we have operating in our lives, we will achieve beneficial, clear, and efficient results. This is because we intend to live in harmony with the Law. All energetic structures (containers, houses, bodies or entities) must be defined to determine the energetic content and vibration within the structure. It is important to understand that this is a Universal Laws governing energy and form. (See the third item) If the energetic or physical structure is not defined with a clear mission, purpose, or intention, it means that the structure (container, house, body, or entity) will be invaded, infiltrated, or used by dark forces who will take it over for their specific agenda.

The structure of my body-mind-spirit has shifted and changed the past 4 months drastically. Since the move, I have completely changed the structure of my practice to be able to stand in my authentic self. 

I am here to help guide you like the architecture of our planet changes, and as the structure of our own multidimensional bodies adjust. Know that when situations come up in your life that create change, while difficult, is a good thing. We are all being called to step into our authentic selves. 

I have found the best thing one can do for the shifting that is happening is to protect yourself. I am linking the 12 D shield meditation below. Please do this day and night. It takes some getting used to but I promise it’s the most effective tool I have ever worked with.

Please take only what resonates for you and leave the rest.

Who are you going to believe you are?

With Love,




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