Streams of thought for Dragon shielding class

May 19, 2022

April 2021

Talk about the monadic connection with the
8th and 9th chakras creating galactivation, we get into the tower of babel implants.
when the magnetic field collapsed during the invasion, they were able to create something called the Yahweh matrix. This created massive distortions and disconnection in out functioning of the thymus, thalamus, pineal, thyroid, and hypothalamus.
a direct attack on the most important system in our body… the glandular system. this is also what scrambled our dna language. this drastically changed our hormone secretions which changed our blood. This is what created accelerated aging, changed our immunity, etc.  Yahweh matrix and codes go back to Ramses the 2nd. clearing eye of Yahweh, the eye of Jehovah eye of Horus clear redemptive vehicle begin to wire in the eye of god the living light moves through the CNS activating connection with the thymus thalamus clearing thyroid, opening clearing pineal balancing hypo thymus.
connect into the 6 indigo ray, and 7 violet-ray clearing 666 seal creating memories and clearing of wings and the fall clearing and releasing the fallen Angelics and watchers from our universal time matrix

touch in and begin to open up the timelines to Ezekial and we ask beloved to wake from stasis Ezekiel as an addition to the awakening of the Albion body we clear the false father god timelines and open full potential for the heirs games call in wedded garments and the holy sepulcher.
We rebuke Esmerelda, lunar female, and the black magic grids connected to the key lines and the distortions related to the family of Ezekiel. connect into the Baphomet networks and clear
she-demons, Succubus, AI Demons, Black witches, Black widow programs, Giant Spider Beings, Black Skeletons, Bast or Black cat feline shadow creatures, Ez unholy trinity body parts, Black Lilith, Achamoth spawn and more. See Lunar Female Demonic Forces. clear princess coding

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