Solstice 12/21/2021

May 19, 2022

The bindings placed upon me have fallen away,

Cold they were on my skin, heavy before my bones brittle with guilt for you, me, thee.

Burdened was my heart to carry such pains, walking down streets filled with sadness, alone in the crowd, separate from everyone and no one all at once.

Closed was my throat when I began to speak, my words empty in the halls of hell, in the days and nights of life.

My ears are deaf to the cries of their hearts, and the pain in mine.


Oh God, I hear you, mother I remember your skin, your beauty, your love.

Have you come for thee
Have you come to awaken the memory I searched to forget.

I heard you calling, every night I heard you crying, I saw you lost in their eyes. Your heart wrenched in pain for the love of your children so far from your bosom.

The Oracle is alive we speak in unison
Mother is home in the light, the Christos rises within to fight, rather remember.
Mother is home, the sweet taste of victory is near, and I can feel the cooling, cleansing sensations in my blood

Covenants cleared
Souls resurrected

The sun beats down upon my face, with every breath the pink golden hues fill my bodies with life, the manna that sustains the effervescence of love

One love
Your love
Our love

I can hear the drumbeat and March to the sound of the vibration in the union, in the strength of the one source creation.
Dance with me, sing with me, delight in the ways of Sophia as we once have.

Remember your sovereignty upon the hills, within the crystal cities from which we came, from the deep Forrests from which you have traveled. Breathe in a new air, a new life, created from the fractals of time.

Be diligent, dance gracefully, and listen to everyone

Fly high in the epitome of salvation. You have heard the call


Let today be every tomorrow, a song with each step and creation with every breath.


I call upon the crystal heart's shields wielded from the breath of the dragons to activate around the hearts of humanity. I call out as we the one voice, one heart awaken to the presence of deliverance.
From stasis we step up and out, we surround mother with our love, her love as it echoes through the once empty chambers upon this planet, your body, our body.

Be one with the law

May you stand in the light of the Christos Sophia for Mother is home in the arms of our father. May you cry no more but tears of rejoicing, let your hearts sing


-Chastity Ann

I feel the angel's wings upon my shoulders they are not as heavy as I thought they would be. They sing to me, and guide me to each destination in time

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