Rishi 02/06/2021

May 19, 2022

The sounds of waves crashing upon the shore break again and again.
The chimes gently begin to move in the wind bringing a gentle frequency of peace and love, the alchemy of harmony.
In the distance from the waters, you hear a faint singing the most beautiful voice so soft and quiet. The music is felt in your heart and transmuted any pain you have.
You notice a woman floating towards you from behind and above the waters. The lights are white and gold she floats on a platform.
I see the woman I know as Kuan Yin side to my left and I guide I remember as a white tiger. I said are you the white tiger. She said I have come in many forms and have never left you.
She carries gods light
I humbly ask how can I serve, I am ready for the next steps needed to assist god and humanity.
I will trust in gods ability to provide and be humble in all ways. Promote others, lift up their spirits create anew.

My hope for contact may soon come back.
I ask about the Krystal star Guardians and she said we trust and believe in who/ what is right in our hearts at the time. That may change but it is in the now that we focus.
Solar Rishi are my main focus and consort. Consciousness comes to me in many forms and from many densities. I have not been led astray.
I see different layers or levels to the Rishi.

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