Mother Returns June 2021

May 19, 2022

I am home in my heart
My heart stream pours eternal fruits of love. Guidance of her nature blossoms from the vines buried beneath thy breath.
We are home in the light of the Christos Sophia for her wisdom is everlasting and sustains our frequencies. We need only call out by surrendering earthly pleasures that breed in the combines of the mind. The Matrices are created by the fallen ones. Time and again they have tried to capture our hearts and steal our souls. They chained our mother to their darkened walls deep be earth the seaboards.
She knew one day her children would rise and sing the glory of Christ, the song of the heart.
Our beloved Solar Dragon Kings have awakened and braided in the activation for avatar Christ Michael and Christ Mary’s return.
We dance around the flames to amplify the plasma body activation codes.
Release the bondage of your hands and feet open your hearts you have only to ask.
Forgive thy selves.  
Meet me in the sacred caverns of Mother Earth

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