Moon Control Exposed

Oct 02, 2019

Sacred Dismantling

what is the moon


Greetings from Metta Healing Studio,

When I began my journey to Awaken Change within myself and those around me, I wasn’t prepared for the dismantling of things I held very sacred.

I remember when I was a little girl, I found the moon so mysterious. I was scared sitting in the back seat of the car as my mom drove us home. I couldn’t wrap my head around how the moon followed me all the way home. It could see me no matter what I did or where I was. 


It wasn’t long until I bought into the stories of our ancient magickal moon and I began craving of the eb and flow of the moons every whim. I carried dreams and memories of dancing under the full moon in sacred circles with other like minded woman. I planned my days and months around cycles. I practically begged the moon to help me go into labor with most of my children. I wished to shed my blood in fields of wheat with the thought I was fertilizing and giving thanks to the earth for all that she provided. Little did I know all that I held dear, was timelines away from our true mother.


When I started going public to teach, I began sharing how to create moon water, cleansing crystals in the moonlight, and strongly syncing my cycles to the phases of the moon. I was focused and determined to teach what I had learned from many other great teachers and from the memories of my forgotten past. 

I had a very harsh reality hit me.


I began seeing visions of chaos, blood sacrifice and bindings. Bindings that kept our collective consciousness a prisoner. I could see the spells and rituals that created the veil of unknowing that kept the Dark Mother “up and running”

I began to feel sick to my stomach every time I read about someone pouring their menstrual blood on plants and “gifting” it to the ocean. Stories and rituals I once found beauty in, I only saw darkness. I could hear the screams of sacrificed children by the thousands. 


I decided to work harder to connect to the DivineFeminine.


I took classes to connect more with Mother, the Divine Feminine, and understanding the shadow self. I had hoped that the darkness was merely shadow that needed clearing. I was met with more darkness. I journeyed through Isis, Magdaline, Aphrodite and the connection to Venus “The Planet of Love”. Instead of rose gardens and connection to the sacred self and pleasure,  I saw holograms of rose gardens that covered demonic texts, sexualmisery programming, demons dripping with outer beauty and the enslavement of our beloved Michael.


When I shared my visions, I was accused of not facing my darkness and not doing the work. Double talk from the “enlightened teacher” saying I have great sight but it’s wrong. I began to notice the white light I worked with continued to get heavy and inconsistent. The boundaries I set up for protection waffled and didn’t hold. I knew that, not only for myself, but those I hold space for were compromised.

The moon no longer held a sacred space. I felt estranged from my feminine self. For who am I if not a goddess of the moon? Psychic dreams and attacks increased and I began to notice more need in clearly sexual patterns. Alien implants began to come online and into my awareness. 


I journeyed in meditation to what I called the woman in white (you can find this in my blog section) I now know she is Navajo White Calf or Buffalo Woman. I was scared at first when I saw her. She seemed young and old all at once. Beautiful and wise. Her message is that the truth lies within I have only to ask.

This brings me to where I am today. I am eagerly bathed in confusion while learning about moonchain lineages. How my Sacred Moon has been hijacked and continues to pump out purposeful sexual misery programming during the dark age. The sexual misery program is designed to distort, manipulate and abuse the sexual energies, therefore spiritual energies, in human beings incarnated on this planet.

I have spent years pushing away the masculine while simultaneously living with more masculine inside me than feminine. The truth we are so far away from is that we are both male and female inside. Having a female body on the outside is an expression to identify as female yet knowing, understanding and embracing the male principal inside. Without connecting and understanding the male and female principles equally, one will find it impossible to be spiritually whole. We are spending so much energy fighting patriarchy, we have lost the feminine principal. The lack of understanding this is by design. It is better understood as the False  King of Tyranny.

We’ve been in the middle of the planets Dark Night of the Soul. Since we are microcosms of our beloved earth we are feeling all of this. Some of us more than others. 

As mother returns to the center of the earth to reclaim her creations, she intends to heal all the disembodied beings she was forced to give birth too. We see this as feminine reversal programs , fallen goddess or the dark mother networks that have fed the Thothian and black magic grids on this planet. During this process may we seek to find comfort in the suns love and energy, embracing the solar feminine in all of her glory.


We have been deceived, we have been lied too and it’s time we rise to defend the true essence of our beautiful Mother, Christos Sophia. 

Much of what I write about has not ever been shared publicly. I usual keep my insights and inner knowing to a small group and only in spoken words. I have been guided to discuss and bring light to “unapproved topics” and I intend to do so with integrity and love in my heart. I have seen many heal their pain body simply from the knowing that something bigger is out there. The veil has thinned enough and in many cases, the curtain has fallen. Several of us are witnessing and experiencing phenomenon that they have only heard about in scary movies or fairy tales. I am here as a guide/teacher to assist in understanding who you are. I am here to help you understand the truth.

Please take only what resonates with you and leave the rest.

Many blessings on your journey.



I Am God Sovereign and Free!


Mother Arc Gate Seattle | 122.5W, 47.7N

Thought of the Day

Our Beloved Mother is here to support us in the awaking to our true essence during the ascension cycle. Open your heart center and begin to breathe in her aquamarine essence and vibration. Take comfort in knowing you may give to her what you can not transmute on your own.

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