A Dream May 20th 2020

Jun 09, 2020

Good morning everyone!

I awoke from very strange dreams, more warning like early this morning. Today feels ominous. An awareness we all have and can tune into should we ask.

When you ask, prepare for a massive shift in consciousness. This means the world as you know it will change, this can be challenging. Physically you may feel exhausted and in pain, mentally you may have increased looping or realizations that seem far fetched, emotionally you may be broken down crying or avoiding feelings, spiritually you may begin to see things and beings you have never seen before.

AI is all around us. We carry phones, watches, computers, etc.... I cannot tell you how many people I see for healing sessions with AI embedded in their energy fields. The energy field is an extension of you, and frankly the most important one IMHO.

Something big is happening, it will be phase two of what we are currently experiencing. Please take the time to educate yourselves about the exopoliticalal agenda. It’s real and right in front of our faces. Do not be mystified by the smoke and mirrors anymore.

Some things that have come up in dream time. I saw burns, looks like radiation burns on many people, my dog was in my dream and she was completely mangled. She shared with me that it’s from the chemicals being sprayed (ie chemtrails) just because we do not see with our eyes these burns, does not mean they don’t exist. This is what is happening to the light body. It’s real and the first places we will physically experience this are in our CNS and organ systems.

Water is important, many of us do not even come close to the amounts of water we need. Please drink more water. A basic average is to divide your weight in half and add oz in the end. If you are 100 lbs you need a minimum of 50oz of water.

I am leaving information about the war over timelines. We can discuss this if you like but know it goes hand in hand with the exopolitical agenda, the war over consciousness, and dismantling of the ego.

Timelines.... coming in strong now. Our memories are coming back online about humanity’s truth. Enjoy the journey.

May you stand in your light.


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