Whoever Controls the Mind Controls the Soul

You are a multidimensional electromagnetic being having a human experience. Humanity has been in a spiritual battle, a war over consciousness for thousands of years. While many healers, truthers, and spiritual warriors are working toward ascension, many forget there is a force that shares our planet and has created/gained negative control over our lives. While many may recall esoteric knowledge, they have had blank slate technology used against true awareness.

I Am Chastity Ann



I am able to hear your guides, read your energy system, and listen to your body to help create ease.

It is a gift I have had for as long as I can remember.

Over the years I have enhanced my natural abilities through education and practice. I am a licensed Massage Therapist, Multidimensional Healer, and Etheric Surgeon focusing on the Universal Teachings from The Law of One.

 There are layers to who we are and how we are created. The body-mind-spirit.

The physical layer, our body, responds to touch. Recent studies show that touch can have the ability to communicate empathy resulting in an analgesic, painkilling effect. Our bodies are truly remarkable, amazing really! Our tissue holds memory from the past, present, and the future, if we aren’t thinking in a linear time frame. This memory creates pain, dis-comfort, and dis-ease. Massage can help ease these discomforts and may promote blood flow, decrease pain and increase overall well-being.

 Our mind is the next layer. This is roughly our emotional and mental state of being. Are you familiar with the term “What you think about, you bring about” ? Trust me when I say, I see it all around me. In my friends, family, my clients, and even myself. Words and thoughts have vibrations that travel through our body. They go straight to the muscles, cells, and organs; creating dis-ease. Handling emotional grief from our past and dealing with emotional challenges when they arise is where Energy Healing comes in. Understanding that we are Multidimensional Light Beings, and working with these bodies of consciousness, balances the energies we can’t see and reminds us about spirit.

The spirit of self is often overlooked. So many of us get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life. We focus on deadlines and think in a linear time construct. We feed our body junk food for fuel, overindulge. We judge ourselves and project onto others. We forget to rest. We forget to breathe. We forget to honor ourselves. Receiving enrgy work and massage sends your spirit the message that you are honoring your path and healing your wounds. In turn, physical and mental pain are replaced with light and love, creating ease in your everyday life.

Thank you for visiting my website. I am here should you have any questions.

Monthly Classes

The clarion call has been heard across the multiverses and we are each sensing new vibrations and frequencies. The old ways of heart-based humanity have awakened. We are here to nurture and support each other who have come to complete the Christos Mission.

We offer a monthly class structure online that is able to honor the path of every individual no matter where they are in the ascension process.

Our classes are designed to open your light-body, clear and heal traumas and wounds, as well as collect our memories and awareness from past-present-future timelines.  Each class is designed as a healing session in a group setting. The current frequencies and vibrations of information are straight from cellular gnosis as we connect with the Solar Rishi, Emerald Order, and Rainbow Dragon energies.

Classes usually last 90 minutes or longer and offer meditation to complete Our topics of discussion. We also offer an active Telegram group teaming with exciting daily topics.

We look forward to meeting you!



Schedule Quantum Healing Session

The answers we seek are hidden deep within our traumas. To heal the physical body we must first understand what the physical body truly is and what it is.


Once we begin to understand that by healing the spirit, we heal the soul and thus the body. We have everything we need divinely designed to cure everything we set our mind and heart to.

In a personal session, we will work with your higher self and personal teams to break down the walls of separation from your true self. Once we see our lives from a multidimensional perspective, anything is possible.

Sessions help with pain, diabetes, fibromyalgia, physical pain, CNS integration and balancing, ADD/ADHD, entity clearing, soul contracts, and more...

The longer the session, the more in-depth work we can accomplish together. Shorter sessions are created to balance the Merkaba bodies and anchor in shielding.

Schedule a Session

Mini Clearing Meditation

I continue to anchor in new vibrations and stabilize frequencies as we move so many planetary adjustments and upgrades. the meditations that move through me are designed to heal past-present-future timelines, so we are working in spiral time.

Gridwork is often a part of our travel through space/time and often our journeys are intense. When I set out to be of assistance at this level, I asked to be innovative and effective, reaching each person where they are in their healing journies. This also provides an opportunity to continue to use the meditations as you learn and grow as the information coded will be accessed wherever you are in your ascension and healing.

The above meditation is a clearing that is offered in our Multidimensional Shielding Workshop


Thoughts in May

Jun 09, 2020

A Dream May 20th 2020

Jun 09, 2020

You Are an Architect

Jan 20, 2020

Solar Rishi and Our Connection

I looked up and saw the most beautiful angelic perfected woman I had ever seen. She could not hold form for long and promised to return. That time is now as we anchor Sophia frequencies into planet earth and realign her soul Tara and oversoul Gaia.

Our Time Is Now

We have been finding our soul families as the Age of Aquarius brings upon the awakening of our spirit. It is time to integrate and embody that which once was so we can REmember who we have come here to be. We would love to invite you to gather with us monthly for energetic/intuitive energy updates, meditations, and like-minded soul connections. 

Starseed Monthly Membership



I am excited to share an in-depth training course that will create change in your life, should you desire to do the work.

This space is designed for you to dive deep into your spirit. The spirit begins to integrate when we acknowledge and clear dimensions 6 and 7. This is the first step in what we call the hierogamic union or partnership connecting our bodies.

We will begin to understand how the matrix works and how to make true corrections in the painbody. Our painbody is the physical manifestation of the spiritual traumas and miasmas we have carried in our spirit through many lifetimes.

We are going to take a look at how our cellular structures and blueprints can be cleared and the matrix corrected. this will go into understanding the Michael Mary reversals, crucifixion implants and other seals in the body blocking and usurping energies that keep us from spiritual ascension.